Our commitment to the communities

A major consideration for Norwest Crane Hire when undertaking an Australian project is our commitment to utilising the resources, knowledge, expertise and capabilities of the local and indigenous industry and workforce. Norwest Crane Hire is the largest employer of indigenous businesses and workforce in crane services in the Pilbara region.

Norwest Crane Hire recognises and respects the traditional owners of the land upon which our projects are located and their links to culture and heritage. We also recognise the value and significance of indigenous people in achieving and maintaining a diverse community and the need to engage traditional owner families in our operations.


Long term employment and partnership outcomes are seen as mutually beneficial for the group and the families. As an employer, Norwest Crane Hire is committed to the ongoing engagement with indigenous people across a range of opportunities including employment, training, business development, partnership and cultural awareness. We encourage all employees to contribute and learn from each other and promote activities that increase understanding of indigenous cultures. Norwest Crane Hire offers opportunities to assist with job security, flexible working conditions, career development and cultural support.

As a very active community member we endeavour to utilise local personnel wherever possible. Give preference to those Subcontractors and Suppliers that maximise local and indigenous content (labour and materials). Provide local industry Subcontractors, Suppliers and/or Consultants with the opportunity to prequalify for scope involvement, as appropriate;

(Depending on the projects we work on and their locations, we can provide a mix of local and FIFO personnel.)

  • Our commitment to the communities in which we operate and live is critical to the success of these communities. As a functioning service provider within the North West region, we have a considerable responsibility to the ongoing development and growth of our local and indigenous communities. Our community has enabled us to grow into the company that we are and therefore we are responsible for contributing to its sustainability. We will continue to provide resource support, improved opportunities for local and indigenous personnel and businesses, and take a pro¬≠active role within our community through fundraising and participating in cultural and social activities.
  • Ongoing arrangement with its Indigenous Partners to help build their businesses and asset base, and provide local indigenous employment.
  • Utilisation of Local Business Community for supply opportunities in the first instance.
  • Local and community sponsorship and fundraising support.

Norwest Crane Hire is an active provider (past and present) of time, financial support, cranes and logistics, and participation in various community groups.

Indigenous engagement and partnerships is another key element of our commitment to the local community working together with local indigenous businesses.



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